Coolhand Products / March 01, 2018

What is EDC?

What is EDC?

In the most basic sense EDC stands for Every Day Carry which are items you carry on a daily basis. You may think your wallet and car keys as things you carry every day, and to some extent this is true. However, taking it one step further, EDC items are things that have meaning to you and follow the philosophy of utility and preparedness. This means that each item you carry should serve a purpose, and is carried diligently incase the item is needed at a moment's notice. 

In the tactical world EDC holds a much more important role in that these items prepare you for everyday challenges. When was the last time you got a package and had to track down scissors, or dropped something underneath your car at night only to fumble around on your hands and knees for 20 minutes because you couldn't see where it went? These are two examples of where the proper EDC items (pocket knife and mini flashlight) would’ve come in handy.

What items should you carry? Everyone is different so it's really up to the individual. I recommend starting out by determining what items would help assist you in your daily life. I myself sit behind a computer most of the day, but often get packages or mail I need to open so my pocket knife comes in handy for that purpose. I also walk through some rough areas to and from work so my knife is also an item I can use for self defense if needed. These are just some example, but be creative and have fun picking and choosing your everyday carry!

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