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Common Everyday Carry items

Common Everyday Carry items

Every Day Carry (EDC) items vary from person to person. Depending on your lifestyle and job you may or may not need some of the common items listed however you’ll see a few that “most” people carry on a daily basis.

Pocket knife

A pocket knife is easily the most versatile tool that you can carry, and I personally use mine on a daily basis. Whenever I need to open a package, cut up a cardboard box, perforate the lid of my coffee cup (facilitates rapid delivery of precious caffeine), cut loose threads from clothing, or trim my fingernails on "expert mode"; my pocket knife is what I reach for. When reasonable and necessary, a pocket knife can be an invaluable life-saving self defense tool when confronted with a violent attack. Many pocket knives are heavy and cumbersome to carry; especially traditional style pocket knives that don't have a pocket clip. Cool Hand offers a wide selection of lightweight EDC knives that are comfortable to carry all day long. 


I cannot overstate the value and tactical advantage gained from having a good EDC flashlight. Simple conveniences like being able to locate your keys easily when you accidentally drop them under your car at night, easily spotting building numbers at night, and alerting your Uber driver to your location are just the tip of the iceberg. A quality flashlight can be invaluable in more precarious situations such as nighttime roadside emergencies and power-outages. In a self-defense situation a bright flashlight can be used to blind/disorient an assailant; giving you time to escape or gain you a significant advantage should you need to fight off your attacker. I personally never leave home without a flashlight. 

Tactical Pen

Even though we're in the digital age where it's less common to hand write anything, pens are still a staple in many industries especially where note taking or signatures are required. Innovations in pen design make them more versatile than ever and can be used for more than just writing. Tactical pens, such as Cool Hand pens; can be used as a digital pad stylus, for self defense, and even as a glass breaker. The advantage of carrying a pen that is strong enough to be used for defensive purposes is that, in and of itself, a pen is a fairly innocuous item that doesn't draw negative attention. Your workplace may not allow you to carry a concealed firearm or a pocket knife; but nobody cares if you have a pen in your pocket! 

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