Cool Hand 3.75'' Carbon Fiber Scale Folding Pocket Knife w/ 2.75'' Polished Black Ceramic or Damascus Blade, Frame Lock, 6104CF


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About this item

  • 1. Solid 3K 100% Carbon fiber Scale
  • 2. Drop point Non metalic non magnetic polished black mirror ceramic blade
  • 3. Included pocket clip and integral frame lock mechanism
  • 4. Overall Length: 6.375"; Handle Length:3.75"; Blade Length: 2.75''; Blade Thickness: 0.087"
  • 5. Gift box packing. Ideal Gift (Christmas, Birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day), for all ceramic/carbon fiber knife enthusiasts


Product Description


Detailed Information

Feather knife under "Cool Hand" Brand, unique feather weight (1.66 OZ)folding knife.

3K Solid Carbon Fiber was used as material of handle scale.

Black mirror non metalic non magnetic ceramic blade or 67 layer VG10 damascus blade.

3.8" handle, good length for most hand size, 2.8" blade with 0.087" thickness can fulfill most the cutting task.

Stainless steel liner coated in various color for difference preference.

Tip Down Style Pocket clip and lanyard hole make it flexible for different personal carrying preference .

Gift box packing makes this knife a cool gift to the one you love, something you don't see in stores.

Ideal for back up, but if you really like the knife and want it be your EDC knife, no problem, just little more resharpening work.



Overall Length: 6.6" Handle length: 3.8'' Blade length: 2.8''

Blade thickness: 0.087'' Net weight: 1.66 OZ (47g) Package weight: 3.88 OZ (110g).

Sharpening is very easy, actually easier than steel blade, just make sure using high grit belt or wheel ( 1200 or above recommended ).

Reminder: Ceramic blades are sharp, but they are also fragile due to the high hardness, so they are not suitable for pry, or cut on hard objects.


SKU: 6104CF
Overall Length: 6.5"
Handle Length: 3.75"
Blade Length: 2.75"
Blade Thickness: 0.087"
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
Blade Material: Ceramic
Net weight: 1.7 OZ
Brand: Cool Hand


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