Cool Hand 1911 Grip Handle 0.23" Thick 440C Stainless Steel Blade Tanto Beast Survival Knife 1911F-BW


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About this item

  • The 0.23" thick and 6.5" long blade makes for a heavy-duty badass beast knife which will break almost everything
  • High carbon 440C stainless steel blade in black stone-washed finish.
  • Great tool for self defense, camping, hunting, first response, prying, chopping. Perfect for adventurists and survivalists
  • Includes Kydex Sheath with ambidextrous belt mount. Solid and sturdy, designed to last for a lifetime
  • Free paracord included with two links to make your knife more fun




0.23" thick blade out of high carbon 440C stainless steel.
This is a real bad ass knife that can break almost everything even a jerry can.
This knife's blade comes with a stonewash black finish, full tang, with carbon fiber handle.
This heavy duty beast knife is truly an amazing out-of-the-box knife and you are going to love it.
This mighty knife can accomplish all tasks in the field, self defense, and survival. It is ideal for people who like camping, hunting and special forces.
Free paracord with two links makes this knife fun to play with: the paracord can be a hand guard as pictured, or it can be an extra option for personal preference.
It can also be useful if you intend to use this knife as a throwing knife.



Overall length: 10.6" (approx)
Blade length: 6.5" (approx )
Blade thickness: 0.23" (approx)
Blade finish: Black stone wash
HRC: 56-58
Material: High carbon 440C Stainless Steel
Net weight: 1.1 lbs (approx)
Package list: 1 x Fixed blade knife, 1 x Belt clip, 1 x Kydex Sheath, 1 x Paracord attachment



SKU: 1911F-BW
Overall length: 10.6"
Blade Length: 6.5"
Blade Thickness: 0.23"
Blade Finish: Black Stone Washed
Material: High Carbon 440C Stainless Steel
HRC: 56-58
Net Weight: 1.1 lb
Brand: Cool Hand


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