2.75'' Ceramic Blade Folding Knife with Carbon Fiber Handle 6104CF


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  • Cool Hand "Feather Knife" featherweight folding knife weighs only 1.66oz!
  • 3k solid carbon fiber handle scale.
  • Black non metallic non magnetic ceramic blade.
  • 3.75" handle, fits great in the hand as well as the pocket!
  • 2.75" blade with 0.087" thickness.
  • Stainless steel liner available in various colors based on user preference.
  • Tip-down style pocket clip and lanyard hole to accommodate personal EDC preference (lanyard not included).
  • Ideal as a backup blade or primary EDC knife.
  • Sharpens more easily than a convention steel blade; just make sure to only use high grit belt or wheel ( 1200 or above recommended ).
  • Stylish presentation case makes this knife a cool gift for coworkers, friends, and loved-ones.

* Reminder: Ceramic blades are sharp, but they are also fragile due to their extreme hardness. These blades are not suitable for prying or chopping.

Package includes:

1 x Knife


SKU: 6104CF
Overall Length: 6.5"
Handle Length: 3.75"
Blade Length: 2.75"
Blade Thickness: 0.087"
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
Blade Material: Ceramic
Net weight: 1.7 OZ
Brand: Cool Hand


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