Sig Sauer P226 G10 Gun Grips Tactical Slant with Punisher, Screws Included, 226-CP-28


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* Sig Sauer has changed the frame of the Stainless Elite (serial number 47A146757 and above) with a new cut at the bottom. Our gun grips will require a slight modification to fit the new frame. This can be easily accomplished with a file or dremel tool.

Frame fitment:

  • Fit Sig Sauer P226 models including, but not limited to; MK25, Stainless Elite, Tac-Ops, and 90s Era West German Manufacture.

 * Will NOT fit the 226 SAO, X-Series models with a safety.

Phenolic Material:

  • CNC machined G10 in various colors. G10 is a modern composite material which is totally impervious to water, oil, solvent and most common chemicals.

  • Functional and cool appearance led out from CNC machining which ensures precise fitting. These high quality grips will perfectly compliment your favorite pistol.

  • This texture design makes these grips very elegant looking as well as highly functional and ergonomic. They will make your Sig P226 stand out amongst the rest!


  • Thickness: 7/10"

Package includes:
1 x Pair of Gun Grips
4 x Screws
4 x O rings
1 x Torx key


SKU: 226-CP-28
Fit: Sig Sauer P226
Texture: Tactical slant
Material: G10
Brand: Cool Hand


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