CZ 75 Full Size G10 Gun Grips Palm Swell Back Style, Mag. Release Cut, Screws Included, H6-T-1


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Ergonomic Design:

  • Palm swells back cut, give you a stable hand feeling close to factory rubber ones.
  • This golf ball texture design make the grip very elegant looking, but also functional hand feeling, and make your CZ 75 different from others on market.

Phenolic Material:

  • This grip was made out of G10, a modern composite material which is total impervious to water, oil, solvent and most common chemicals.
  • These advantages which wood can never give you.

Precise & Comfortable Fit:

  • Functional and cool appearance led out from CNC machining which ensures precise fitting on your loved pistol.
  • In order to make sure the grips felt comfortable holding in hands, our workers hand break all sharp points that possibly bite in hands.

Precise Size Control:

  • The thickness of these grips are 2/5"(10mm).
  • The weight of these grips are 2.1 OZ (60g).

Great Bonus with Your Purchase: 

  • Customized screws with torx key included.
  • CNC machined from 416 high grade stainless steel, hardened to 39 rockwell hardness, T10 torx keys included.
  • 2 O rings for back up in case any space between bushing and screws need to be absorbed.
  • These little touches will bring your whole pistol to a level that no one else carry same as yours.


SKU: H6-T-1
Fit: CZ 75 Full Size
Material: G10
Thickness: 2/5"(10mm)
Brand: Cool Hand


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