2Pcs 9 Slot G10 Keymod AR Rail Covers Diamond Cut Texture RC9-D-2


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  • Compatible with most standard profile AR15 keymod rail systems.
  • Made of G10, impervious to most common chemicals and more durable than cheap plastics.
  • Fire resistant and insulated from heat to maximize comfort during sustained firing.
  • Aggressive texture provides positive grip.
  • CNC machined to ensure proper fit and consistent texturing.
  • Installation keys and screws included, easy but secured.
  • Diamond cut texture; aggressive. 

* Not compatible with Sig MCX rail system do to the surfaces being too flat and wide. However, they are compatible with the profile of the Sig MPX rail system.

* You can easily reduce the amount of "bite" to the texturing by gently wearing down the high spots with sandpaper.

Package Include:

  • 2 x Rail Covers
  • 1 x Torx Key


SKU: RC9-D-2
Type: Keymod
Slot: 9
Texture: Diamond cut
Material: G10
Brand: Cool Hand
Minimum Purchase: 1 unit


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