Cool Hand 1911 Grip Screws & Bushings for 1911 Full Size/Compact, T10 Torx Key, 4 O Rings, Stainless Steel, Black


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Features & Advantages

* CNC machined from high grade stainless steel, hardened to 39 degree rockwell hardness.
* There are 4 O rings in bushings and screws set for back up in case any space between bushing and screws need to be absorbed.
* These little touches will bring your whole pistol to a level that no one else carry same as yours.
* These 1911 Grips Screws and Bushings will fit 1911 Full size/Commander/Government pistol standard grips.
* Standard bushing - Height 0.28'';


1.Bushings and Screws Set
4pcs 1911 grips screws
4pcs o rings
4pcs 1911 gips bushings
T10 Torx keys included

Risk Free Policy

30 days return policy make your purchase risk free.
No questions, no condition, just let us know reason for return to help us improve our service to customers.


Size: 0.28“ for Standard size Bushings & Screws
Package: 4pcs 1911 grips standard bushing /4pcs 1911 grips screws/4pcs o rings / T10 Torx key.
Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Cool Hand


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