KN95 Face Mask 20 Pack, Filter Efficiency�5%, 4-Ply Mask Protection Against PM2.5, Fire Smoke, Dust Cup Dust Mask White


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4-Layered Filter Designï¼?/span>
These kn95 face masks are made of one layers of non-woven cloth, two layers of melt-blown fabric, one layer of hot air cotton. From outside to inside, the second and fourth layers are melt blown cloth. When they are produced, they are easy to stick together, which will cause you to mistake them for one layer, You can separate them by rubbing them.

Effective Protectionï¼?/span>
The filter efficiency greater than 95%, which greatly prevents unfiltered air from entering directly, could be protected from dust, small particles of air, pollen and much more and can protect you at critical moments.

Perfect Designï¼?/span>
The 3D shape is designed according to the human face shape to ensure the tightness. With soft and high elastic earloop, the metal adjustable nose clip bridge and the dot matrix welding. Provide a light weight wearing experience for you. Easy to use, cover mouth, nose and chin.

WIDELY USEï¼?/span>
Keep your mouth, nose and chin covered and protected when you go to crowded public places and enclosed public spaces. This kn95 protective masks are good for transport drivers, taxi drivers, public service personnel, armed police, traffic police, security personnel, media reporters, couriers, etc because they have daily contacts with large amount of people.

Package Includeï¼?/span>
There are two bags (10pcs/bag) in each box, total 20pcs/box. A lightweight and foldable design makes these face masks easy to fold into your bag, easy to incorporate and save space.


SKU: KN95-20
Product Name:: KN95 Face Mask
Main Components:: 40% non-woven fabrics, 30% Melt-blown fabric, 30% Hot Air Cotton
Filter Efficency:: BFE�5%
Executive Standard:: GB2626-2006
Quantity:: 20PCS/box


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