5.1" Bolt Action Cannon Style Tactical Pen with Clip & Glass Breaker 5388-SW2


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This eye-catching pen is sure to impress your friends and coworkers. Its elegant aesthetics and robust construction are matched only by the "cool factor" of the bolt-action design that makes this tactical pen the ultimate "fidget spinner."




  • Notches at sharp end of pen function as DNA catcher when utilizing pen for self-defence.
  • Made out of 303 stainless steel.
  • Bolt-action design makes this pen as much fun to play with as it is practical.
  • Compatible with Standard Parker or Schmidt P900M refills.
  • Glass breaker added on top crown
  • Stylish presentation case makes this pen a fabulous gift to coworkers, friends, and loved ones.


Package includes:
1 x Pen



SKU: 5388CBG-SW2
Weight: 3.7 OZ
Length: 5.1''
Material: 303 stainless steel
Brand: Cool Hand


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